How far do you cover?
We are Cornwall based, mainly covering the Southwest and parts of the UK
Why don't you list prices?
We aim to quote based on your individual needs and location
How big of an item can you move?
Currrently our fleet consists of a Luton Van and Transit
Do you do evenings?
Yes. We as a business pride ourselves on tailoring individualised services to our customers, therefore if you need a weekend, an evening or a weekday we've got you covered!

What is involved in a house clearance?
We understand that the process of clearing a house can be stressful and sometimes emotional if it is due to losing a loved one. We take this burden from you whether it's from your own home, a commercial space or a loved ones house. This service can include packing items to move to another household or to storage; to an authorised waste transfer station; or to auction houses.